La Tavernetta (The Tavern)
A classic rustic Tuscan design and decoration. Complete with full kitchen all in wood of chestnut.
Working fireplace, with built in barbeque and ancient wood style bakers oven. Double room with shower.
The doors and windows are constructed with crystal panels and iron authentic design. A terrace with fountain which is antique and carved by hand. Tiles are beautifully Tuscan in style and design.Accomodations in " the  Tavern" are a double room with an additional " Pull-out " sofa bed in living room for two persons. 
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La Facciavista (The Precious Cellar)
This apartment is the restoration of ancient wine cellars, in the traditional stone artisty of "Facciavista".
Double room, with complete kitchen, a terrace with splendid panoramic view. Full furnished living room, bathroom. Wood is chestnut and is all hand designed.
This apartment has double entrance. The doors and windows are constructed with crystal panels and iron authentic design. Tiles are beautifully designed, Tuscan style. Accomodations in
"The Precious Cellar" is a double room..
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Il Poggio (The Peaceful Knoll)
This apartment has a supreme panoramic view. Terraces are grand and spacious, offering a vista to the valley all around the 'Valdarno'. This apartment has an elaborate entrance onto a corridor of classic design, a large living room, with an authentic massive fireplace designed with regional, stones. All furishings are antique dating back to the eighteenth century. Two double rooms, one has its own full bathroom. A fully furnished kitchen. This beautiful apartment has splendid terraces, access which leads into a private pine forest.
The tiles are Tuscan, the design classic and timeless.
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I Pini (The Pines)
This apartment is located on the second floor with full furnished living room and kitchen. Full bathroom. A magnificent view into the forest, with pines so dense, remembrances of great literature seems to whisper through these trees. A breath-taking vista, timeless. Hand crafted wooden design are all of chestnut. Tuscan design of all tiled areas, in a most beautiful pattern.
Accomodation in 'The Pines' is a double room with an  additional sofa bed in living room for two persons .
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La Chiocciola (The Snail)
This apartment has a large room with a complete kitchen, a double room with a loft space, playful with addition sleeping possibilities. The doors and all windows are hand crafted with crystal panes, and iron authentic designs. All hand crafted wooden furnishings are carved from chestnut. 'The Snail', is a double room with an additional double sleeping arrangement in the living room, on a pull-out sofa bed.
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La Loggia (The Gallery)
This apartment also located on the second floor, directly above the main entrance of the farmhouse. A splendid glorious corridor, two double rooms, with up and downstairs, as well as luminous sky light enhanceing a fully furnished kitchen. Most of the views from each window in this apartment leads into a nature so magnificent, it feels as though the entire Gallery is suspended in mid-air. All handcrafted wooden furniture pieces are of chestnut. The beautifully arranged tiles are exquisite Tuscan designs. This apartment accomodation is a two double room, and also a sofa bed in the living room, for two additional people.
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