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chisiamo1.jpg (6441 byte)chisiamo10.jpg (11712 byte)Nestled in the majestic green hillside of Pian Di Scò, Tuscany, one discovers "The Oasis", an exquisite farmhouse, dating back to the medieval period. A lineage of ancient share cropping, a country estate: 'Caselli', Santa Francesca, and the Noble Family, Marchiani. This beautiful farmhouse has been restored. In addition to offering a mulitude of products, it is developing an array of natural products.  All products are  organically grown, biologic, whole foods for health as well as nourishment; a delicious and wholesome variety of delicasies. The most sought after, being: Olive Oil, cold pressed extra virgin I.G.P. (origination from a protected reserve), Chianti D.O.C.G., and an assortment of agricultural-biologic organic products. In addition, "The Oasis": six apartments, for short and long term visits, with a full range of services. "The Oasis", is located within a natural protected reserve, spanning 20 hectares of breath-taking views.

For nature lovers, and for connoisseurs, a must to visit and experience. chisiamo9.jpg (6572 byte)In addition to the panoromic scenery there is a well spring, an oasis, of sachisiamo8.jpg (6422 byte)cred water whereby the person benefiting from the drinking of this water, obtains optimal health and life everlasting. The water is fortified and nourished by the supreme mountain range of 'Prato Magno', which embraces the hillside wherein the farmhouse stands.


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L'Oasi Agriturismo - Via della Ghiacciaia, 4 - 52026 Pian di Scò (AR)
Tel./Fax +39 55 960170 Cell. +39 338 6476929
email: info@agriturismotoscano.it