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Not too far from this serene place and beautiful setting is Vallombrosa 15 kilometers, Firenze 30 kilometers, Arezzo 32 kilometers, Siena 35 kilometers, Cortona 40 kilometer. All these locations, which are in close proximity offer too, artisitc, cultural and historical insight, places to visit and experience, which further disclose the treasures of Tuscany. Possibilities are endless, as to any manner of fulfillment in an enjoyable environment, experiences can range: a peaceful refugee, and a pilgrimage into the ancient past of the glorious Medieval period.

Passages through orchards, endless paths through the countryside and visual infinite plays of light through this natural country setting, seems a masterpiece; a painting, to be discovered. The earth's symphony, our planet's sacred song, is still very much alive, resonating from Tuscany into the hearts of all who experience the power points of Pian Di Scò, the home of 'The Oasis'.

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